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The J Spa...Where Lasers Meet Luxury

Ready to wage war on wrinkles and sun damage but find the idea of a lil' nip/tuck intimidating? Doctors perform mini-miracles with powerful lasers and anti-aging fillers. Post-surgery may leave some recovering in a cold, stoic environment. Dr. Andrew Jacono, head of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, has created an environment that does just the opposite. THE J SPA is not a salon-like med-spa that offers Botox between mani-pedis. THE J SPA is a 12,000 square foot derma-palace taking on sagging, scarring, and wrinkling. Clients who come in for nonsurgical procedures recover in a most relaxing atmosphere. Dr. Jacono created the J Pak System which is unique to the spa: homeopathic remedies that follow aesthetic surgeries. Plush white robes, soft classical music, herbal tea, healthy snacks, and aromatherapy massage are a prelude to lip plumping, injections and laser treatments.

Dr. Jacono says the luxe setting is essential to patient recovery. "This is not just's science. It's been shown when individuals are comfortable, their vital signs are more balanced and they tend to recovery more quickly." He is dedicated to his clients 110%, considerate of them before, during, and after any and all enhancements. I view his craft and passion with new interest...what about you?

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  1. Thanks BLACKSWAN for the information and beauty insights. The J Spa should pay you for the advertisement.