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The body shop has a secret weapon in its men's skin care line -- Peruvian Maca Root. This ingredient is known for maintaining skin's firmness. Even more noteworthy (and random), it's referred to as the Peruvian Viagra -- hmmm. Maca Root improves the vitality and condition of skin. The shaving cream also contains Trade Brazil nut and sesame oil for softening. The aloe vera soothes skin after shaving. FOR MEN MACA ROOT SHAVE CREAM boasts of a closer shave and protects skin from irritation, nicks and cuts with a cooling effect. On sale for $11.20 at

Tips for a Close Shave:

1. Wet face first to soften whiskers.
2. Go with the flow/leave rough patches for last.
3. Wash with soap-free cleanser.
4. Soothe the burn.

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