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Makeover Monday: Bright & Bold Revisited

What do Rihanna, Lady GaGa and Nicki Minaj have in common? They are style chameleons and have an unpredictable love affair with makeup. Their looks border on sexy, trashy, over the top and even outrageous. Big fake lashes, rainbow lids, candy-colored 'do's, matte mouths...and yet, it defines them and becomes part of their character. Do you think these ladies should be imitated or admired from afar?

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  1. Love your style Lady! I wish I could rock the stylings of these ladies but I work in an office where I'd be asked to go home if I ever showed up like that! ;) BUT, I'm a huge admirer nonetheless!

    Your newest blog addict,
    The Working Girl's Shoe Closet

  2. I always liked Rihanna in the red hair, looks real sexy on her.