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MOVEMBER is the November celebration that raises money to support research, increase awareness and find a cure for prostrate cancer. The moustache is their "ribbon"'s a commitment for 30 days comparable to a walk for other charities. The mantra is "Grow a Mo, Help a Bro." It promotes male health and gives a quirky edge to sponsorship.

While many men are passionate about their physique, they frequently neglect comprehensive health checks. Most are quick to see a doctor for broken bones after a football game but lack the same motivation for annual physicals. The goal behind MOVEMBER is to change their viewpoint about their overall health and inform them of potential health risks.

To create your own affair, click here. For events near you, click here. Donations benefit the Prostrate Cancer Foundation ( and LiveSTRONG which supports young adults and their families battling cancer (WWW.LIVESTRONG.ORG). For questions or assistance, call 310/450.3331.

Pssst... Fellas, I think growing a beard, goatee or side burns counts too! It's sexy and for a good cause. It's not too late to get involved.

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