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The Best of 2010

The end of the year is usually a time for reflection. Let's take a look at some of the trends that captured our attention. Here's my list of the most gorgeous!

  • Ballerina Buns -- Loved this look. A sleek option for instant glamour. Make sure it's not too tight, high or severe. Elegant and pretty.
  • Pixie Cuts: Women lopped off their locks to sport a super short pixie. It's youthful, chic and easy to style.
  • All Natural: Brown babes everywhere have cropped their hair to a natural 'do. Short, textured, twisted and always stylish.
  • Fat Lashes: It's the one thing we all craved. Whether you used a volumizing mascara like my new staple, Voluminous L'OREAL Million Lash Mascara, a primer like DIORShow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum/$28 or applied falsies, it's a trend to carry over to the new year. At or
  • Bright Makeup: Vibrant colors played up eyes and lips. Eye catching blues, greens and purple hues in shimmer and matte finishes for eyes. Oranges, reds, and pinks for pout power. Stand out shades for fearless females everywhere. Bold is beautiful.
  • Nail Art: Edgy nails were all the rage. Everything from MINX nails, gel manis and foil appliques made for manic manicures. Also liked sueded textures from OPI Suede Nail Laquer/$9 and metallics from CND Colour in Gold Chrome.
  • Mixed Prints: Clashing patterns allowed for a little self-expression (*stand up for individualism). We mixed and matched colorful pieces all at once. The key? Be sure to pair like colors. (Love this look!)
  • Makeovers: It's what BLACKswan Beauty is about. Harper's Bazaar took it to another level...charm school. The girls from "Jersey Shore" were transformed into sophisticated socialites. Even got Snooki to part ways with her signature poof (coming in WORST TRENDS post this week).
  • Scentsuality: Mary J. Blige My Life sold over 600,000 units of her debut fragrance in six hours without one whiff! Wow factor.
Do you see a trend that you want to rock in the year year?

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  1. Thanks for a great year!!!!

  2. Keep the suggestions and beauty products coming for the New Year...I enjoyed your eye for fashion & creativity in 2010

  3. I love your beauty suggestions and I would like more info on men...some of my male friend need help. I look forward to 2011!!! OH and the Scandinavian Clog should never come back in style..LOL

  4. Jackie: Always appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

    LaTreice: I reserve 'Friday for the Fellas' but I will post tips for males more frequently. And totally agree w/ you about the clog! LOL