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Guys & Gals Guide to 2010 Worst Trends

In all we do, we take the good with the bad. Yesterday we featured the best of 2010. Now, we're reviewing some of the worst trends this year according to leaders in fashion and beauty.
  • CLOGS: The Scandinavian heavy clunky slip-on made a comeback this year. The price range went from $50 to $300/FREE PEOPLE Clogs...(blank stare).

  • LOW SLUNG JEANS: Jeans are a staple in every man's wardrobe. A tapered jean offers versatility to dress up or down, however, if the jean is so low and tight that you must waddle like a penguin to get around, you may want to let this trend go. And be sure to tell a friend.

  • HAIR RAISERS: Justin Bieber's hair is a perfect "do" for him. But when grown men replicate the cut, it's something else. Same goes for severe buzz cuts for gals and the over-the-top Snooki poof. Speaking of Snooki...

  • THE SNOOKI TAN: Orange skin? Enough said.
  • EXTREME EYELINER: A sultry smoky eye is always a winner. Out of control black liner rimmed to mimic a raccoon is not.

  • HEAD TO TOE ANIMAL PRINT: A little goes a long way. You are not trying to blend in with a safari scene. Focus on an accessory or ONE piece in your ensemble to keep it sexy.
  • PLASTIC PERFECTION: Nothing wrong with a little nip/tuck. But when you go in for brow lift, chin shaving, nose job, ear tuck, liposuction, fat injections and boob job all in the same year at 23 years old, you may need an intervention.

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