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Pucker Up with FSL Cosmetics

You know I love to switch it up between a totally nude mouth or full bold color. I came across a brand that gives me both options with other pretty choices too. And as you can see from previous posts (balm squad and winter skin), I am always looking for an easy solution for chapped lips.

Feel Good. Smell Good. Look Good.
That's the mantra at FSL COSMETICS, a new line of eco-friendly lipsticks and glosses (recyclable containers). Both are infused with fruit extracts, vitamins and essential oils to ward off harsh elements. Kimberly Riley, head chemist and CEO of the brand, wants women to "use nature as an aid that fosters and enhances a women's beauty worldwide."

The products are 100% free of irritating agents like parabens, phthalates, sulfates, gluten and talc! She boasts that neither lip balm nor Vaseline are needed with her products. Rich in avocado oil, acai extract (long lasting hydration) and a soft sweet scent, you are guaranteed to repeat the mantra yourself! Feel Good. Smell Good. Look Good.

Click on the name to preview my FSL Picks: Purple Luv (deepest lip color) and a vampy red gloss, Seduction (pictured)/$18.50. Look for a complete color cosmetics line and FSL PLATINUM -- a men's skin care line next. If you're attending the Shecky's Holiday Night Out Event this Friday, introduce yourself! FSL Cosmetics will be there. Products available online at Let us know what you buy!
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