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Dye for Your 'Do

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This look recently hit the runway and was even embraced by celebs. For many of us, the first one causes a raised brow. More than that and most of us go into panic mode. What causes this random uproar? A gray hair (GASP)!

Whether you have some early strands or a head full, you can keep your hair looking salon fab with at-home maintenance.

To camouflage a few strands, try a semi-permanent dye which provides coverage but is ammonia free. Cover roots til your next pro job with CLAIROL's NICE N EASY AT HOME ROOT TOUCH-UP/$6.99 at For complete coverage, choose a permanent color with low ammonia like CLAIROL's NICE 'N EASY PERFECT 10 HAIR COLOR/$14. Avail in 20 shades.

If you're fully gray, the PANTENE PRO-V SILVER EXPRESSIONS SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER will add vibrancy to dull hair. Only $6 each. Use this duo no more than twice weekly to avoid your hair taking on a purple tone.

Since gray hair follicles produce little oil and are generally dry, a glossing treatment can help. Try JOHN FREIDA LUMINOUS COLOR GLAZE/$10 in five shades. Be sure to hydrate with a rich hair masque. Keep hair shiny and smooth with KERASTASE OLEO-RELAX SERUM/$36. Tames wiry strands.

Society doesn't often equate gray hair with glam. No matter how you choose to wear your hair, be confident in your choice. Depending on the texture, hue, and style, I think it looks rather chic.

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