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New Year Beauty Affirmations

Each year we make a commitment to start things fresh. A promise to improve our diet, start an exercise program or search for a new career. We also commit to better beauty and grooming habits.

My resolutions include:

Wearing Gloves: While I'm washing dishes or cleaning the bathrooms because the detergents are drying my hands making them hard (not ashy). Nothing pretty about that!

Using Natural Face Cleansers: Love the results from using honey, aloe, and lemon for cleaning my face and fading blemishes. Works better than the benzo wash from the dermatologist for me.

Going to Bed Earlier: Hitting the sack an hour earlier improves skin repair, balances weight gain and rejuvenates persona.

Stretching Every Day: I simply want to be more flexible and agile.

Regular Mani/Pedis: I would like to visit an upscale salon monthly. The Back Room/Hand & Foot Spa @ CAROL'S DAUGHTER, THE POLISH BAR of BROOKLYN, or JIN SOON Hand & Food Spa. I enjoy The Balm of Purity treatment. Go to to see what services work for you. It's a necessary self indulgence -- enough said!

Get a Massage -- It's therapeutic, improves circulation and releases toxins. Whether it's consulting with my personal LMT, Isis or getting serviced at a spa, I would like to have one at least every four to six weeks.

Share your beauty and fashion resolutions in the comments section. Would love to hear from you!

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