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Bringing Sexy Back

Trainers say we tend to forget about toning our bottoms, backs and legs because women focus on what they see in the mirror without turning around. We know others are peeking at our rear view. With these exercise tips, you can look better from behind.

Getting back to basics, try these exercises for:

1. A BOOTY BOOST: Hip extensions are a classic move that target the glutes. On all fours as pictured (right), raise leg with sole of foot facing ceiling. Don't arch the back, keep abs tight and neck straight. Lower leg back down and repeat 10 times before switching.

2. A SLEEK & SEXY BACK: Stand with feet apart holding two dumbbells. Bend forward at your hips with slightly bended knees/back straight. Pull weights up to your sides, bending elbows. Only move your arms and squeeze shoulder blades together as you lift. Slowly lower weights and keep your back straight. Repeat one to two sets/15 reps each. (Works entire back and strengthens core muscles.)

3. STRONG CALVES: Stand with heels together and toes turned out, arms at your side and palms facing out. Holding a 3 lb to 5 lb weight, bend knees (like a ballerina's plie). Straighten legs and lift onto tip toes as you sweep arms out and up overhead. Remain on toes as you lower arms to sides at shoulder height, return to start position. Do two sets of 15.
In my quest for a sexy exit, I'm going down on all fours right now. And one. And two...
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  1. yes, i have a tip...booty pads. (do they really work?)

  2. Whenever I walk up stairs, I take 2 at a time, an easy economical booty lifting workout. When I am standing still, I do toe raises to tone my calves. I also walk 3x a week on my treadmill (total inclined) my legs are Sexy and I am Bootylicious. ;-)

  3. this is a great actually working towards "bringing my sexy back"... I recently back a vegetarian and i feel wonderful! I need my calf muscles to be like they were a yr ago and im working my butt off (literally) to get there..thanks for the tips and plz check out and follow my blow

  4. @ Anonymous: Butt pads are perfectly appropriate for certain outfits. It's like a push up bra -- gives a nice lift!
    @ Mz. Big Deal: Try the tip posted by TraCey J. I know I will!