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Celebrity Slim Downs

Whether the drive comes from within or from being a national spokesperson for a diet program, celebs are shedding pounds very QUICKLY. We are closing out National Nutrition Month soon so I'm wondering if these are safe healthy alternatives to weight loss. Or could it be the pressure to conform to Hollywood's standards? I read somewhere that a size 8 is considered "fat" in Hollywood. Really??? But everybody is not meant to be a size 2. Sometimes it looks great and sometimes it looks disproportionated. Celebrities may be experiencing the unexpected. Their size becomes the focus instead of their talent. JENNIFER HUDSON, recently interviewed on OPRAH, said "Don't look at me...Listen to me." She prefers us to get caught up in her song instead of what size her jeans are. Young mogul, RAVEN SYMONE feels her success and talent lie in the shadows of her smaller size. Most recently, JORDIN SPARKS came down a few dress sizes. Will the media put her on display too? (Read more about this here.)

MO'NIQUE swears "skinny girls are evil" but she has shed some pounds citing health benefits. She insists she will never be truly thin because she loves the way she is. It just makes me think, is losing weight a matter of better health and confidence or about conforming to someone's standard of beauty. Share your thoughts here please....would love to hear from you.

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