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Lash Out with Revlon Fantasy Lengths

I received a promo package from REVLON with false eyelashes and artificial nails the other day. I usually wear lashes on special occasions, but with this assortment, I figured I should go glam for the day. The Fantasy Lengths Maximum Self Adhesive Lashes/Intensifying immediately got my attention because I didn't need to fumble with gooey glue. Yep, that's what sold me. Pros (and cons) as follows:

  • Latex free -- perfect for those with sensitive eyes or allergies.

  • Includes extra adhesive strips.

  • Contains an eye-shaped applicator to ensure placement and precise instructions.

  • The adhesive is waterproof.

  • The band adheres to the lash line without popping up at the corners.

  • Felt weightless -- nice and light.

  • These did not blend well with my lashes -- too long for my shorter lashes.

  • The lashes looked thick in the package but I felt they were too wispy.

Overall, I actually liked the way I looked with these lashes (although I look tired). I added some mascara and felt my eyes looked pretty. I especially loved the way the lashes fanned out. (Pictured above: pack of lashes, applicator, without lashes, front view and side view.)

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