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I Love My Papaya Face Mask

I finally tried the papaya facial treatment. My mix consisted of a ripe papaya (nervous about the aforementioned tingle), honey and yogurt. I blended it into a creamy smooth texture. After removing all traces of makeup, I slathered it onto my face and neck. I felt a slight tingle after a few minutes but nothing that irritated my skin. A cool rinse was followed by my favorite moisturizer, olive oil.

Next morning, my skin felt smooth and I still had a glow. Remember, papaya nourishes the skin with Vitamin A which accelerates cell turnover. Papaya also acts as a natural brightener, slows acne and prevents premature aging. Papain, the enzyme found in the exotic fruit, is a gentle exfoliator that's less irritating than glycolic acid treatments.

Dubbed as the "natural" face lift and used in many products such as toners, moisturizers and facial peels, papaya is perfect for your skin. This treatment was super easy and my skin felt radiant. Thanks to for the heads up!

Would you forgo your cleansing routine for a quick DIY option? So worth it!


  1. Oh interesting! I need to try this.

  2. Hi D.Sadie -- Please share your findings if you do.

  3. this sounds lovely!