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Q&A with a BLACKswan Beauty

BLACKswan Beauty is trying something new...a Q&A session with a woman who embraces her femininity.  Whether conservative or creative, she is a beautiful woman who celebrates her individuality with signature style, character and an edge.

This month, we feature:
TraCey Jones.

1.  What's in your makeup bag?  My Lancome Top Model lipstick and a L'Oreal pink lip gloss and mascara, Kiehl's SPF face moisturizer, Beauty-To-Go compact makeup set, black eyeliner and disposable toothbrushes.

2.  Name one product that you can't live without.  Mascara.

3.  What are your beauty secrets? Noxema for face, exfoliating my skin every day to keep it smooth and soft, sweet almond oil for all-over light moisturizing and drinking LOTS of water.

4.  Describe your skincare routine.  I remove my makeup with Blum Natural Daily Exfoliating Facial Towelettes,  use a light moisturizer at night with sweet almond or grapeseed oil and an SPF.  I wash my skin with Dove Moisturizing Liquid soap along with an African exfoliating body washing net then moisturize with sweet almond oil. 

5.  Describe your style?  Sexy, funky and bold.

6.  What is your favorite accessory?  Belts.

7.  What is your look for a date or Girl's Night Out?  Simply sexy, an easy to wear dress that is form fitting, curve hugging but never tight or clingy.

8.  Share your tips for diet and well being.  l eat to live.  It is ok to snack sometime but I eat more foods that nourish my body -- plenty of fruits and greens, whole grains and as little sugar as possible.  I make sure to get some form of exercise, stretch, smile and laugh on a daily basis.

9.  What are you passionate about?  Project F.L.Y. (For Love of our Youth) is an initiative to address the need for identity enrichment, acceptance and affirmation among Black males ages 12 to 19.  We want to show our young males that they have been designed with purpose by providing them with the tools to identify with success. 

TraCey is also a massage therapist/LMT, life coach and Certified Kemetic Yoga Instructor who enjoys watching the sun rise. 

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