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Unravel Your Relationship & Women's History Month

Dedicating her life to the betterment of the many people she comes in contact with, La Shell is passionate, insightful and unafraid to tackle life’s most daunting challenges.  Her personal affirmation -- “You can’t help the mental or emotional without giving the spiritual a good massage first” is the bedrock of her life philosophy. Having such an open and expansive way of thinking helps her and her clients deal effectively with personal and/or familial issues, as well as conflicts that arise in the course of their daily lives. 

The cornerstone of her work is her seminar coaching business, Unravel Your Relationship.  These “real-life classes” are the culmination of her academic, personal and professional experiences over the last two decades.  These workshops have focused on commitment issues, parenting in a digital world and learning to love one’s self.  She tailors her curriculum for each and every workshop and is constantly expanding on the issues that are tackled.  La Shell Wooten is a phenomenal life coach and counselor. 
  1. What’s your morning routine (makeup, hair, exercise, etc.)?  Wake at 5:30am, cook breakfast, prep the kids for school, shower, do make-up (some days)…and I am out the door.  My morning exercise is walking about 2 miles in my commute.
  2. What’s in your cosmetic bag?  Crap!  I have a mix-match of foundation, bronzer, eye shadow pallet, chapstick, eyeliner and lipstick, oh…and a few brushes.
  3. What is your beauty secret? I drink lots of water, I sleep well and I try not to wear make up every day.
  4. Name one product you can’t live without.  I can't live without a lip moisturizer.  I have a full lips need to be soft.
  5. Describe your skincare routine.  It sucks, I think.  I wash with warm water and I moisturize with Vaseline. I think that is bad but it works for me – for now.  I also clean my make up off with Vaseline.
  6. Do you use any natural cosmetic or skin care products? No, not really but I want to.  I never have the time to figure it out.
  7. Describe your style?  (Vixen? Classic? Boho-Bold?)  Classic, sexy, fun. 
  8. Who is your beauty inspiration or style icon?  I love Sam Fine as a makeup artist. As for style, I like Eva Mendez, Kerry Washington, Queen Latifah (on her talk show). I am making this up. I don’t pay much attention to people’s style.
  9. What is the one accessory you can't live without? I love bangles and bracelets. 
  10. What is your look for date night/girl’s night out?  Date night, I like tight pants, low top, curly hair, nice jewels and heels.  Girls night out – same thing with less cleavage and funky boots.
  11. What industry are you in? I am a therapist, salon owner (of Rhapsody Beauty Salon)and entrepreneur in life coaching. 
  12. Share your tips for diet and well being.  Drink lots of water, minimize sweets and laugh A LOT.  Be faithful, not fearful.

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