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Being Well & Living Healthy & Women's History Month

"Making YOUR health a priority!" That's Lydia Andrew's mantra.  She believes as you feel better physically, you’ll be better mentally which creates a ripple effect in your life. This holistic health coach created Being Well + Living Healthy, a wellness transformation program.  With each session, she educates her clients to make changes in their everyday life through a personalized healthy action plan.  In my book, Lydia is another women making history. 

Lydia's journey to the health and wellness industry was a natural progression since she was always fascinated with how food affected the body and how our thoughts directly affected how we ate.  Lydia firmly believes that food can heal the body.  She is certain that If we focus our minds on wellness and eat nourishing foods, we can begin to live our best life. Her purpose is to empower, educate and enlighten others to do exactly that!  At the School for Integrative Nutrition, she was trained in more than 100 dietary theories, as well as a variety of lifestyle coaching methods. Always drawing from the unique nutrition philosophy she was taught,  she took a holistic approach to wellness and encourages her clients to consider everything from relationships, work, exercise and spirituality as essentials to building good health.  Working together, she creates a personalized "road map" to health that suits the client's unique body, lifestyle and goals.

And, she shares her beauty story here.

What’s your morning routine (makeup, hair, exercise, etc)? My morning routine is very simple: prayer, meditation, 10-minute stretch, oatmeal for breakfast. If I'm going out for the day, my makeup is always simple but makes a statement: foundation, pressed powder to take away the shine and eye makeup: eye shadow, mascara then I fill in my eyebrows.

What’s in your cosmetic bag? I have lots of stuff in my cosmetic bag:  
a palette of different colored lip glosses, eye shadows (a range of colors cause I like color!) various brushes, eyelash curler and blotting sheets.

What is your beauty secret? I guess my beauty secret would be always 
put Vaseline on your lips at night so as not to dry them out especially in the winter months and always lotion your hands and feet.

Name one product you can’t live without. I cannot live without lip balm.
I think I'm addicted to it (smile).

Do you use any natural cosmetic or skin care products? I use this natural soap that is made from olive oil.  Olivella Virgin Olive Oil Soap -- it's very moisturizing.

Share your favorite DIY skincare treatment or luxe treatment.  I just 'created' this natural facial mask to help gently exfoliate: honey, olive oil and ground up oatmeal.

Describe your style? (Vixen? Classic? Edgy? Romantic? Boho-Bold?) Hmm, my style I'd say is between classic and vixen I think. I love showing skin in a CLASSY way.
Who is your beauty inspiration or style icon? My style icon...hmm, so many to choose from; I'd have to say Iman, Lupita Nyongo (the girl is FLAWLESS every time she steps out!), Michelle Obama and Halle Berry just to name a few.

What is your look for date night/girl’s night out? My look for date 
night/girl's night out is always smoky eyes with a bronze highlight right under the brow. I love eye makeup so I make sure to do them up
right so they stand out.

What industry are you in? I am in the health and wellness industry.  NOTE: My first wellness expo will be on Saturday, March 29th, 11am -4pm.  Visit my website under the EVENTS tab to get more information.

Share your tips for diet and well being. One tip I have is to do everything in moderation. You do not have to deprive yourself in order to get healthy and stay healthy.

What is your best feature? My best feature...well I've been told I have 
two: my eyes and my smile.

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