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Playing Dress Up

This past-time takes on a high-tech vibe. Check out LOOKLET.COM, the first digital styling studio. The site lets you put together your entire ensemble. Begin by choosing a model. Place her in different backgrounds with special effects. Select pieces from your favorite designers and view it front and back. Love the feel of a cool comfy fabric? Click on the "material" tab for cotton. Navigate through items from Forever 21 to Fendi with seasonal tags and a guide to the official website. Almost everything is available online which makes it easy! And if you don't like it in the end, click clear and start again. Playing with dolls is still cool...the grown-up way. Happy Shopping!!!


  1. Black Swan,

    This site looks really cool. Does it apply to males as well. Thanks!

  2. Dear Anonymous: Looks like playing dress up is limited to us girls at this time...sorry!

  3. Black Swan,

    Thanks for the reply. Please keep me posted on any comparable sites for males. This is something I would want to try. Thanks!