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All Black Everything

What do you think of when you hear the word?
Words that come to my mind?
Strong. Elite. Sexy. Fashionable. Sophistication.

When it comes to men's fashion and accessories, black is a must have staple.

Tuxedo: As a rule, every man should own a tux. It's an expected standard for special events that demands the proper fit. A classic style in a tailored modern silhouette is perfect. Check the two-button jacket with double vented back at J.CREW/$495.00.

Travel Bag: You've made the upgrade from your canvas duffel, I'm sure. A black leather travel bag is a statement piece...shows you like quality. Ensure yours travels well: 45" in all dimensions will get the nod of approval for TSA carry-on regulations.

Personal Accessories: For Apple and Blackberry gadgets, look to the partnership from BENTLEY and Ettinger. Refined precious black leather with contrasting color accents and stitch patterns make these handmade cases stand out. Includes passport holders, luggage labels and portfolios/approx $75 for smartphone case.

For additional luxury goods in black, visit UPTOWN Magazine.
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