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Work It Out!

Naturally, I adore the"BLACK SWAN" craze that's taken over. Impacting everywhere, trends are seen on the runway, in makeup, fashion and even in fitness.

I'm excited we can get a total body workout with "ballet" training.

Sculpt and define at Bally Total Fitness with Balletone. Combines classical ballet techniques with modern fitness concepts. Enjoy the benefits of improved muscle tone, posture, and flexibility.

Crunch Fitness offers two dance workouts. Dance and stretch like a prima ballerina to today's hottest music. The Tutu Fresh class teaches basic positions, plies and all.

At Equinox, the Barre Burn class has strength training for your core (read: flat stomach). With promises of tight thighs, lifted booty and mobilizing metabolism, I'm ready for tights and tutus myself.

True, the lithe dancers are graceful and lean, but it doesn't come easy. Ballet is a grueling and exhausting workout. Inspired by a movie, these body training programs are all created to make us look, feel and move better.

For "BLACK SWAN" inspired workouts at home, get the New York City Ballet Workout DVD 1 & 2/$32.50. For additional fitness clubs with ballet workouts, click here. For more info on benefits of the ballet workout, click here.

(inspired by "Get A Ballerina Body"/

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