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Cooking Cosmetics & Women's History Month

There are plenty of women in history who have made substantial contributions to our society.  And then there are women in our personal lives who are making history of their own.  That being said, I'm pleased to reacquaint you with my friend, Gena Surphlis. 

Gena is a former beauty industry professional and is currently the creator and owner of Cooking Cosmetics Inc. based in New York. Cooking Cosmetics educates youth ages 8-18 years old on how to use food and natural ingredients to make their own personal care products. She implemented S.H.Y. (Skin Healthy Youth), a mission to promote and encourage self esteem (click here to read more).  Essentially, they use food to be beautiful and healthy on the inside out!  Gena is a single mom of a college bound son who has inspired her every step of the way.

  1. What’s your morning routine?  Upon waking I drink a glass of water with lemon and cayenne. I rinse my face with cold water and while damp I apply a moisturizer (Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus) and then meditate and prayer.
  2. What’s in your cosmetic bag?  What’s not? LOL. Clinique lip gloss, Burts Bees Peppermint lip balm, coconut oil, benefit mascara.
  3. What is your beauty secret?  Sleep and tea tree oil.
  4. Name one product you can’t live without.  Burts Bees Lip Balm
  5. Describe your skincare routine.  At night, I remove make up with olive oil or coconut oil. I use a concoction of Castile soap with olive oil to wash and I rinse. While skin is still damp I apply Clarins Lotus Face Oil to my face and neck. If there are any dark circles, I apply aloe vera gel and if any pimples I add tea tree oil to the problem areas.
  6. Do you use any natural cosmetic or skin care products?  I try to stick to plant oils for my skin for moisture and use the more eco-friendly cosmetic brands.
  7. Describe your style?  Definitely boho-bold!
  8. Who is your beauty inspiration or style icon?  Everyone and no one. I don’t have anyone in particular…I like how most of the women we consider “style icons” dress at one time or another; however, it’s all about where I am going, how I am feeling and what’s clean in my closet!
  9. What is the one accessory you can’t live without?  Earrings!
  10. What is your look for date night/girl’s night out?  Date night and girls night out is most ALWAYS a dress. I love my curves and I think dresses are sexy. I like to accentuate my waist and height and there will always be a heel on my foot.
  11. What industry are you in? Beauty and wellness.
  12. Share your tips for diet and well being.  Limit, if not eliminate, anything “white” and refined (white rice, white bread, etc.) Limit sugar intake (unless of course you just can’t help it because you have PMS) and green leafy veggies are everything. I go back to basics with my daily cod liver oil and Vitamin C and I definitely recommend exercise. I always feel better; more focused and have more energy when I exercise. Sleep is essential and keeps the mind clear.  My tip for a healthy well-being is to embrace the love in your life…whether self love, friendship love, romantic love, family love…just absorb it and redistribute it when you can. Love is food for the soul.

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